Simple Groupware has many offerings that may help you grow your business, regardless of what it may be. This is because management and communication are crucial in all industries, and that is the centre of our magazine.

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Informative Articles

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Time and time again, articles have been very helpful for people of all ages, be it about health or technology.

That is why we at Simple Groupware make sure that this magazine contains informational articles that will help users understand internet software more. Some examples include benefits as well as how to look for the best management and communication software. Our informative articles are divided into two categories.

Project Management

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Here we discuss tips and information for managing the team so projects may be finished and turned over faster.


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We emphasize the importance of communication in every business. Without it, a team will not be able to function properly.


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While we are not affiliating any software, we still make sure that our users are given recommendations for management and communication software that we believe to be very efficient for the business.

Other than a list of recommended internet software, we also provide their pros and cons so you may have a better insight into what you should expect after opting for the software.


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Simple Groupware also contains news about the recent happenings surrounding the business niche. We keep tabs on the internet software that are related to business management and communication so our users can stay up to date with the latest news.

Consultation Services

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Our team is composed of multiple experts in the business niche. That is why we are more than happy to help you turn your failing business into a shocking testimony of success for other business owners.

Each of our sessions follows a strict curriculum that is designed only for serious business owners.

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If you are interested in our services, you are free to contact our team on our Contact page. You may also look at our Careers page if you think you’re suited to working with us here at Simple Groupware.