Simple Groupware is composed of a group of experts in the business niche. We are also quite knowledgeable of today’s technology, especially when it comes to internet software.

However, as Simple Groupware is continuously growing, we are in need of people that at least have considerably knowledgeable of internet software.

For anyone who is interested in working for us, simply check the following job positions so you may find out what suits you best. We look forward to hearing from you!

Web Designers

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We are currently expanding and time and time again, we create different websites for different domains. Simple Groupware is simply just one of them.

So, if you know how to design websites, we are more than willing to let you work with us. However, remember that we make it a point for our employees to have at least enough knowledge of internet software, regardless of their position.

Content Creator

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A website won’t totally be a website without content, and so we are looking for those who know the best way to create content, be it infographics, videos, or simply blogs.

Simply put, people that belong in the content creator position are the article writers, and we’re looking for those who have sufficient understanding of internet software. This is perhaps the position that requires the most knowledge in the said subject.

SEO Planner

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Simple Groupware is aware of the importance of search engine optimization, or SEO, and therefore we are also on the lookout for experts in this line of trade.

While it may not be as important as content creators, it’s still one of the most important positions in our business.

Marketing Team

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Social media optimization, Google ads, marketing tactics. These things are only a few skills that we look for in our marketing team. As a part of our marketing team, you will need to have experience in promoting businesses on the internet.

Join Simple Groupware Now!

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If you are interested in even one of the aforementioned positions here at Simple Groupware, you can easily reach out to our team on our Contact page.