Simple Groupware is a web magazine that empowers businesses with the use of internet software. We have many offerings, but if you want to check out each of them, we suggest going to our Services page.

Simple Groupware was started with the goal of serving as a platform for business owners to learn about internet software. We offer various products and services and provide free informational articles.

The topics that we tackle in our articles range from project management software to communication tools. We also provide suggestions or recommendations for top internet software that we’ve reviewed ourselves.

Here at Simple Groupware, our team is committed to helping you learn, as long as you have even a little bit of eagerness.

We want you to have a satisfactory learning experience as you browse our web magazine.

Our Purpose

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Simple Groupware has only one purpose, to empower business owners with their management and communication skills by introducing internet software. 

We also believe that a healthy community is essential for this to happen. And so, we are on our way to create a community on Simple Groupware where everyone can share their opinions, ask questions, and provide answers.

We believe that by creating such a community, our users will be able to learn without our constant stream of informational articles.

Our Founder

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Our founder is Tim Weiß, a resident of the Bavaria region in Germany. He is a professional IT specialist and had been in the industry for many years.

He started this web magazine because he noticed an alarming decrease in the productivity of employees. As soon as he knew of this, he realized that it is somehow connected to the management and communication skills of business owners.

Simple Groupware was created to provide solutions for this problem, hence the articles about project management and communication.

Our Team

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Our team consists of experts in the technology and business industry. We are situated in Würzburg, Bovania and we operate from there.

The experience of each of our members makes it possible for us to deliver satisfactory services. It is our duty here at Simple Groupware to make sure that our readers can overcome the challenges in their businesses with the use of project management and communication software.

Join Us

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