Simple Spreadsheet

Simple Spreadsheet is a web-based spreadsheet program written in Javascript, HTML, CSS and PHP. It features formulas, charts, numeric formats, keyboard navigation, etc. Javascript is used for the default data format and for the macros and formulas. Simple Spreadsheet is Free Software, released under the GNU GPLv2 License.
Simple Spreadsheet is bundled within the Simple Groupware package, but can be also run as a standalone program.

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Simple Spreadsheet (0.5)

Simple Spreadsheet (0.5) - Charts

Simple Spreadsheet (0.4)
English - offline

Simple Spreadsheet (0.4)
German - offline

Simple Spreadsheet is now bundled with Simple Groupware

>> Download

To get the latest version, you can download the Simple Groupware package, extract it and copy the folder "src/ext/lib/simple_spreadsheet" to your target directory of Simple Spreadsheet. Then copy "src/lib/artichow" to the spreadsheet directory.

Simple Spreadsheet 0.8 released - June 07, 2007

>> Download 0.8 (tar.gz) (zip)


  • added French translation from Ben
  • added the option to load a different stylesheet
  • added width and height parameters to graph functions
  • added copying a cell into several cells
  • changed save() function to split format conversion and layout
  • fixed setting dimensions in the GUI
  • fixed exporting empty rows to CSV

Simple Spreadsheet 0.7 released - March 17, 2007

>> Download 0.7 (tar.gz) (zip)


  • added the option to disable automatic recalculation (better performance)
  • added the option to jump to another page with the gotoCell function
  • added paging for cursor keys, page up, page down, home, end keys
  • changed "readonly" to affect only the value
  • fixed calculations after column AA

Simple Spreadsheet 0.6 released - January 29, 2007

>> Download 0.6 (tar.gz) (zip)


  • added load button to the top menu
  • added documentation for string functions
  • fixed loading CSV data in IE
  • fixed a problem with missing quotes in CSV data
  • fixed a problem with copy/pasting cells into each other

Simple Spreadsheet 0.5 released - December 9, 2006

>> Download 0.5 (tar.gz) (zip)


  • added Italian translation from Nicola Canepa
  • added Spanish translation from Cesar Reyes
  • added import for tab separated values (= copy/paste from Excel)
  • added styles to the manual
  • added accesskeys for new / save / close
  • added option to use HTML in a cell
  • added loading sheets from an URL
  • added multiline editor
  • added TinyMCE html editor
  • fixed a problem with displaying data formats
  • fixed layout problems on the start page with IE
  • add type-to-edit cell from Cesar Reyes for Firefox

Simple Spreadsheet 0.4 released - November 29, 2006

>> Download 0.4


  • added English / German translations from Sophie Lee
  • added new start page for language selection
  • added index_offline.html for offline usage
  • fixed problem with saving the data in IE
  • fixed csv import

Simple Spreadsheet 0.3 released - June 22, 2006

>> Download 0.3


  • added sorting
  • added CSV import, export
  • added export to Simple Groupware

Simple Spreadsheet 0.2 released - June 13, 2006

>> Download 0.2


  • added date and currency formats
  • added column/row merging
  • added group bar graph, scatter graph,
    accumulated bar graph and line graph
  • added live preview when typing
  • added selecting ranges
  • added cut/copy/paste with ranges
  • some fixes for saving data

Simple Spreadsheet 0.1 released - June 7, 2006

>> Download 0.1


  • first release