Tracker: Bugs

Documentation error (easybusy) Closed2010-02-19
Spreadsheet Load Errors Closed2010-02-17
Error changing the folder permissions (miguelkleiner) Closed2010-02-17
Error changing the folder permissions Closed2010-02-17
SGW Upgrade FAILS if any BIN file used under editor (easybusy) Closed2010-02-16
delete funambol views before update (afgf) Closed2010-02-14
funambol connector birthday problem (afgf) Closed2010-02-14
login page gets blank (afgf) Closed2010-02-14
leeres Browserfemster Closed2010-02-10
SGW 0.603 - CANNOT change Theme Closed2010-02-08
Additional screenshot for bug 2940135 Closed2010-02-08
Calendar marks wrong week (rleupi) Closed2010-01-29
Errors after installation on postgresql Closed2010-01-26
Search with russian symbols not work. Closed2010-01-26
Non latin symbols in cifs share names not displayed Closed2010-01-26
Some icons displayed bad in "Simple core tree icons" theme. (easybusy) Closed2010-01-08
Some icons displayed bad in "Simple core tree icons" theme. (easybusy) Closed2010-01-08
Ajax Error: tree_open 501 Method Not Implemented (dominique_m) Closed2009-11-23
tiny_mce doesn't show up correctly Closed2009-11-11
fresh instalation issues Closed2009-10-27
fdescription error (jhorv) Closed2009-10-25
SMTP CRAM-MD5 auth not working Closed2009-09-25
Couldn't install Firefox search plugin (bashiralnoimi) Closed2009-09-12
Calendar GUI - adding a new item (paulzarucki) Closed2009-08-18
Calendar popup not stepping by month/year (paulzarucki) Closed2009-08-17
imap marks wokrs badly? (sergzhum) Closed2009-05-25
russian text is not readable (sergzhum) Closed2009-05-14
warning after user add (sergzhum) Closed2009-05-14
SyntaxError on PEAR_Error (fdsys) Closed2009-04-08
Browser Compatibility with Opera 10 Closed2009-03-30
Session ended when clicking on "+" and ... (cobexer) Closed2009-03-28
syntax error in upload.php Closed2009-02-06
Acessdenied after deleting a subfolder in tree view Closed2009-01-21
one too many ) Closed2009-01-21
function: _createedit_payroll Closed2008-12-19
cant install sqlite Closed2008-12-09
installation stopped Closed2008-12-02
AJAX error in folder tree (drewmathers) Closed2008-09-15
SQL FAILED: table_add_index_fulltext during installation Closed2008-09-05
"Options"-Links does not work Closed2008-09-02
Html Entity gone nuts (c0rrupt0) Closed2008-09-02
Installig v0.420 Closed2008-09-01
ampersand in dept name Closed2008-08-23
SGS Webinterface loses session Closed2008-08-19
Notifications Closed2008-08-04
merge button: [object Error] Closed2008-07-26
session timeout caused by folder tree (raven24) Closed2008-07-26
corrupt calendar headings (pirus64) Closed2008-06-30
Bad query when creating new forum post on postgres database Closed2008-06-24
Invalid query syntax for postgresql Closed2008-06-14
wrong display of month/days in day/week views (lbardi) Closed2008-06-11
PHP error Closed2008-06-09
The js portion of new begin date event in calendar (lbardi) Closed2008-06-04
"folder type" on tree folder (lbardi) Closed2008-06-03
Yearly repeated calendar entries are not shown in day-view Closed2008-05-26
Perse Error in xml.php (zimcad) Closed2008-05-22
photo description replaced by lots of photo info (eloah) Closed2008-05-16
tabs problem (eloah) Closed2008-05-14
Installation: Parse error Closed2008-04-09
Some errors Closed2008-04-07
utf8 Closed2008-01-23
Oracle installation issues with fixes (tonymarion) Closed2008-01-10
Sender Adresse nicht mehr auswählbar (michaelgust) Closed2007-12-20
Answer on Email not possible Closed2007-12-18
Layout now the same for all users Closed2007-12-18
Löschen mehrerer Mails funktioniert nicht Closed2007-10-28
Kontakte mit funambolfehler (herbertkr) Closed2007-09-24
about syncML function (hunterlucas) Closed2007-09-21
Cut/Copy operation in IMAP folder Closed2007-09-12
related folders querying other tables Closed2007-08-29
can not use the simple spreadsheet in import/export Closed2007-08-11
IMAP - read/unread status not visible (char1ie) Closed2007-08-08
imap error message after upgrade Closed2007-07-29
http error 408 Closed2007-07-26
debug/error.txt Closed2007-07-11
SimpleGroupware Server not downloading Closed2007-07-04
Can't input Chinese Closed2007-06-21
IMAP doesn't show some emssages (hvandervegt) Closed2007-06-20
Changing passwords (settings) for users invalidates account (qualjyn) Closed2007-06-16
File download crashes in IE7 Closed2007-06-15
Translation notification by mail (hvandervegt) Closed2007-06-11
Add a removed user (hvandervegt) Closed2007-06-04
filesize bug (trwalstra) Closed2007-05-11
Removing rights for whole tree is not reversible Closed2007-04-02
sync4j-delete not working Closed2007-03-05
Installation will not create tables in the DB Closed2007-03-02
Category name can't be dublicated Closed2007-03-01
log files are growing too much ! Closed2007-01-30
Blank page after sending email? Closed2007-01-23
sync4j failure Closed2007-01-23
email issues Closed2007-01-20
Cannot open certain IMAP Folders Closed2007-01-19
No entries found in organization catagories Closed2006-12-29
Simple Groupware Client crashes on Mac OS X (cludwig) Closed2006-11-23
IMAP module Closed2006-11-06
IMAP and exchange server (jorge_linpow) Closed2006-10-31
Contact activities Closed2006-10-25
unlinking of sync4j change log etc Closed2006-10-18
Bookmarks not working Closed2006-10-08
Auto-Log-off timing settings Closed2006-09-28
install error: adminname verification is buggy Closed2006-09-05
forums not working (cney) Closed2006-07-12
chat module (jorge_linpow) Closed2006-07-03
undefined function date_process_session_request() (zeropaper) Closed2006-06-22
Forum topics not displayed Closed2006-06-09
"undefined index",A bug or pb of config? Closed2006-05-24
installation incomplete Closed2006-01-29
Missing default creation of DB column 'enabledav' Closed2005-12-15

Tracker: Support Requests

Change Theme, works on IE 8, does NOT work on FF 3.6 (easybusy) Open2010-02-24
SGS - Rendering differences Internet Explorer and Firefox (easybusy) Open2010-02-24
SGW 0.605 Cannot change Theme (same 0.603, 0.604) (easybusy) Closed2010-02-19
SGS 0.604 Login Super Admin, any action --> anonymous (easybusy) Closed2010-02-17
Where is the code that controlls Preview of Files? (easybusy) Closed2010-02-17
SGS 0.604 Login Super Admin, any action --> anonymous (easybusy) Closed2010-02-17
SGW 0.603 uses sgs_installer.php ver 0.541 ??? (easybusy) Closed2010-02-14
2-way sync not fully working Open2010-02-10
Setting permissions to folders Closed2010-02-04
Mountpoint POP3 (jenspeter999) Closed2010-02-02
exhausted allocated memory in database setup Closed2010-02-02
login problems (agin) (jenspeter999) Closed2010-02-01
Naming task and projects (jenspeter999) Closed2010-01-29
Screen shot for -Filter on Database Variables (easybusy) Closed2010-01-27
Large number Contacts IMPORT (easybusy) Closed2010-01-27
Maximum number of assets per page (easybusy) Closed2010-01-27
Filter on Database Variables (easybusy) Closed2010-01-27
Search with russian symbols not work Closed2010-01-26
Can only log in as admin (jenspeter999) Closed2010-01-18
How to start using after installation? (dubal) Closed2010-01-15
Can't load sgs after installation (jenspeter999) Closed2010-01-12
cann't display personal projects (wenzhizhi) Closed2010-01-01
Install won't complete Closed2009-12-06
One-way WebDAV (dominique_m) Open2009-11-30
File upload Closed2009-11-23
funambol does not start after running install.cmd Closed2009-11-10
Install Fails at 1st "continue" point Closed2009-10-21
WebDAV with Home Directory (fictoris) Closed2009-08-31
setup error Closed2009-08-26
No folder icons displayed (shiraz009) Closed2009-08-05
add a user Closed2009-07-25
cannot login Closed2009-07-17
How to change the logo size in the upper right corner. Closed2009-06-19
access denied super administrator Closed2009-06-19
After upgrade to 0.520 i have timezone problem (consonnicam) Closed2009-06-13
[6] Error: gzopen [1] SimpleGroupware_0.510.tar.gz Closed2009-06-11
pmWiki Skins Closed2009-06-03
pmWiki Skins Closed2009-06-03
Dirs on cifs mount (knarfel) Closed2009-05-27
Sourceforge problem? Closed2009-05-16
Document File Name Sort Closed2009-05-15
Sinc task with outlook an thunderbird (consonnicam) Closed2009-05-13
sync task status (consonnicam) Closed2009-05-12
Installation: Error with gzopen Closed2009-04-26
Can't get LDAP authentication to work (peetoo) Closed2009-03-28
cant download from site Closed2009-03-26
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 16777216 bytes exhausted Closed2009-03-13
500 internal error Closed2009-03-10
1045 Access denied for user 'xxxxxx_admin'@'localhost' Closed2009-03-05
No picture preview after updating SGS from 0.424 to 0.501 Closed2009-02-02
Seq ID's Closed2009-01-26
PHP error with .0501 (jls) Closed2009-01-19
Error: rename [4] Closed2009-01-12
cannot delete files in files section Closed2009-01-11
IMAP und SMTP Closed2008-12-09
Error IMAP und SMTP Closed2008-12-09
How to increase Email attachment size Closed2008-12-03
folder rights (mollek) Closed2008-11-04
fs mount Closed2008-10-18
Building translations Closed2008-09-17
WebDav - No Files?! Closed2008-08-13
WebDav - No Files?! Closed2008-08-12
Funambol v7 and sgs v0.420 Closed2008-08-12
WebDav connection problem - Windows Client - solved (fcp) Closed2008-08-07
Parse error Closed2008-07-18
WebDav connection problem Closed2008-06-23
NLS_LANG variable required Closed2008-06-11
Sync with Lightning does not work (kilpio) Closed2008-06-05
Problem Installation Closed2008-06-04
Request referrals Closed2008-05-23
install can't fine php modules (pmahler) Closed2008-05-19
Fatal error: Class 'SimpleXMLElement' not found (carchiba) Closed2008-05-18
Possible to import Outlook emails and folders? Closed2008-05-10
Undefined variable: data_xml Closed2008-03-25
Not able to add user permissions Closed2008-03-06
how to activate self registration? Closed2008-01-28
Error: Please choose Apache as Web-Server. (Mittwald HTTPD) (gruenbaer) Closed2008-01-12
Is it possible to install Funambol on a Synology DS-207+? Closed2008-01-10
modification of data is no more possible Closed2007-12-20
Need more details setup instructions for email Closed2007-12-10
Printing to Simple Groupware Closed2007-12-10
Setup needs php-extension with name gd ! Closed2007-12-07
Testing of Simple Groupware and Funambol (vinodpatil) Closed2007-12-05
Changing Funambol port Closed2007-11-20
Using the Calendar Module Closed2007-11-19
Installatio Problem Closed2007-11-12
how to add tsearch2 to postgresql database Closed2007-11-05
Questions with SyncML Closed2007-10-18
problems installing simple groupware Closed2007-10-13
Display_error Closed2007-10-04
yahoo install Closed2007-10-02
Kontake u.Terminproblem mit funambol (herbertkr) Closed2007-09-24
Compatability Closed2007-09-22
More Instructions Needed Closed2007-09-18
Inport Failure Closed2007-09-08
Error is http://localhost/sgs/. in Explorer Closed2007-09-04
Calendar items disappear (axiosys) Closed2007-09-02
Setup needs php-extension with name gd ! Closed2007-08-03
Invalid command: SORT (axiosys) Closed2007-07-30
Redirects to login Closed2007-07-24
page flickering (multiple refresh) (nik777) Closed2007-07-20
internal error Closed2007-07-17
Artichow error Closed2007-07-12
permissions on various directories (vipernet) Closed2007-06-26
Usernames (axiosys) Closed2007-06-21
Funambol (axiosys) Closed2007-06-20
funambol v 6 compatibility? Closed2007-06-15
SMTP problems to external addresses Closed2007-06-04
Cutting and Pasting Closed2007-06-03
Language Changes Closed2007-03-03
Repetetive refresh (lock-up) on clean and working install Closed2007-02-23
PHP error during install Closed2007-02-21
php error during install Closed2007-02-02
MySQL without MyISAM Closed2007-01-17
cannot edit users or groups Closed2006-12-28
Time Zone problem (gil555) Closed2006-12-24
Exported CSV files can't be imported? (gil555) Closed2006-12-17
How to transform assets Closed2006-11-27
Have to restart Apache and SQL Closed2006-11-23
view Closed2006-11-07
contact activities Closed2006-10-25
LDAP_CACHE Closed2006-10-18
Calendar (2) Closed2006-10-12
Calendar Closed2006-10-11
Using PHP5 Closed2006-10-06
PHP CGI cannot be accessed Closed2006-09-28
Reply an email fails (wolkesieben) Closed2006-09-22
Email Problems (shauvik) Closed2006-09-04
Password Expiration Closed2006-08-27
Also unable to get LDAP mountpoint to work (derge) Closed2006-08-19
Could not connect to LDAP (tdeutsch) Closed2006-08-15
session errors Closed2006-08-10
setup error? Closed2006-08-09
install cannot find php extension gd (mcobb) Closed2006-07-26
PHP Error Closed2006-07-03
bin/index.php not found Closed2006-06-21
can't load ximian evolution ics files Closed2006-06-03
Hopefully simple ;-) (belcampo) Closed2006-04-28
How to control first and last hour of working day? Closed2006-04-25
Unable to Forward page error Closed2006-03-11
Time out creating database Closed2006-02-10
images Closed2006-01-12
Error when selecting lagnuage Closed2005-12-15
SGSTP? Closed2005-10-05

Tracker: Patches

Translation Closed2009-06-12
french translation file for 0.409 (lbardi) Closed2008-06-04
0.402 modif for reservation system (lbardi) Closed2008-03-18
modif about ldap/ad auth 3/3 (lbardi) Closed2007-09-21
modif about ldap/ad auth 2/3 (lbardi) Closed2007-09-21
modif about ldap/ad auth (lbardi) Closed2007-09-21
Translation to Brasil / Portuguese Closed2006-12-09

Tracker: Feature Requests

Move Notification area to top line (easybusy) Open2010-02-19
Be able to fix size of Folder Description area (easybusy) Open2010-02-19
Suggest: Control PREVIEW at field level also (easybusy) Open2010-02-17
Existing User sync with new templates Open2010-02-16
Suggest: Select ALL box on top ALSO (easybusy) Open2010-01-27
How to ange tinymce by other html editor Closed2009-12-31
Switch Interface Language Per User Open2009-11-27
Mini-Blog Module Open2009-07-17
role of distributed spreadsheets (tmay2) Open2009-06-17
more on timestamp (tmay2) Closed2009-06-04
time stamp made repeatedly easy (tmay2) Closed2009-06-04
Private contacts Closed2009-04-28
one time notification Open2009-04-25
add option to collapse merged folders list Closed2009-04-18
new module: Protocol documents Closed2009-01-30
IMAP authentication Closed2008-11-10
Integrate jgraph ( Closed2008-10-30
Allow user to override environment variable warnings (drewmathers) Closed2008-09-15
alphabetic ordering of static lists in different languages (pirus64) Closed2008-06-30
Funambol: foundation-6.5.10.jar -> foundation-6.5.12.jar (fcp) Closed2008-05-30
don't reload on right management Closed2008-05-14
"edit rights button" Closed2008-05-14
Feature of self-register and lost password Closed2008-04-11
German manual Closed2008-04-11
Handbuch Closed2008-04-11
Localized to Traditional Chinese Closed2008-04-03
Auto complete for email addresses Open2008-01-29
Popup changed to add entries (tonymarion) Closed2008-01-09
Project Management Closed2007-12-07
Read html mail Closed2007-11-02
Contacts or User photo Closed2007-10-30
Edit name of imap mountpoint folder Open2007-10-28
Time reporting, tracking Closed2007-10-03
Changes to Calendar Events Open2007-09-26
Send mail after user account creation Open2007-09-25
remove the "+" sign from tree when no subfolders Closed2007-09-04
allow different icons for folders of type none Closed2007-09-04
allow empty URL field in portal view Closed2007-09-04
different default folder for user Closed2007-09-04
user self registeration Closed2007-09-01
portal view enhancement (eloah) Closed2007-08-26
Open Flash Chart (monk-e-boy) Closed2007-07-31
task view Closed2007-07-27
Add Right-Click, Cut, Copy, Paste. Closed2007-07-09
Shortcut keys for folder maintenace (hvandervegt) Closed2007-07-02
Mercury PH Server (jcampbe) Closed2007-06-24
Use the WYSIWYG on all textboxes Closed2007-05-21
email attach files from mountpoint->files Closed2007-05-11
check document out Closed2007-05-01
biweekly calender event Closed2006-12-29
improved forum and chat room Closed2006-12-29
An Expenses module would be very useful (gil555) Closed2006-12-10
Italian translation Closed2006-11-29
Change User Name Limitations (hwyman) Closed2006-09-21
pls. provide API/framework for external sync Closed2006-09-15
Warnings for time critical/due items Closed2006-09-11
Demo of SimpleGroupware Closed2006-09-08
PDA syncro (lriera) Closed2006-08-12
Postgresql Closed2006-07-12
SMTP login Closed2006-06-14
Remote Access (crparr) Closed2006-01-03
Oracle support Closed2006-01-02

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