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Simple Groupware Google Group (Link)
Welcome to Simple Groupware! This discussion group is for Simple Groupware users to ask questions, find answers, and share tips. This forum is only in English. Before posting, please read: (esp. question 1)

sgs is asking for database credentials twice (two- times) on log-in (Link)
Hi group,
first of all a happy new year to all.
SGS is a really great tool, thanks a lot to everyone involved, especially Thomas.
After some test runs on a dedicated remote-server we are now trying to get it productive for our company.
After the usual log-in to sgs everything seems to be fine. But when you try to navigate to some folder, a second log-in window pops.

Re: [simple-groupware] Making a shared calendar more expressive (Link)

Personal folders are "personal" and not shared. When folders are
merged, each folder gets a color assigned in the list above the tree.

You can click on the appointment to get all the details in the sidebar.


Making a shared calendar more expressive (Link)
Dear users/developers,
I am trying to concentrate my efforts on the shared calendar in order to
make it more explicit.
I have two main questions:
1) In the shared calendar, each user's event/appointment is identified by a
personal color label. However only the administrator can see, in the left
panel, the color label associated to the user's personal folder (i.e.

Re: [simple-groupware] Simple Groupware on shared webspace (Link)

to run the Funambol server, you need normally need root access for the


Re: [simple-groupware] Simple Groupware on shared webspace (Link)
Hello Rasmus,

the answer is yes: I just installed it on my webspace (
However you must verify that the specifications of your provider agree
with the required needs of SG (first at all: PHP version,
MySQL/PostgreSQL settings, the PHP.ini settings and so on..). Some
providers give you a wide range of possibilities of tuning the hosting

Re: [simple-groupware] beyond the 8:00 - 17:00 interval for each day in calendar: how-to? (Link)
Hello Enrico,
to change the interval you have to log in as super user, go to 'Sistema'
then 'Utenti' click on the edit button of the user you want to change,
choose 'Account' on the tab.


2013/1/2 <>

Simple Groupware on shared webspace (Link)
is it possible to install simple groupware on shared webspace together with
the website?
Or do I need a virtual server for syncml and other components?
Thanks in advance

Re: [simple-groupware] beyond the 8:00 - 17:00 interval for each day in calendar: how-to? (Link)

see: [link] (day start
and end time)


beyond the 8:00 - 17:00 interval for each day in calendar: how-to? (Link)
Dear users and developers,
I am sure that my problem has a simple solution, maybe so simple that I
cannot find it.
I need to use the calendar entering some events starting at 16:00 and
ending at 22:00 but the default interval is 8:00-17:00.
I expected to find some tricks in the system setup or in the faqs but I

Re: [simple-groupware] LDAP Problem (Link)

see: [link]


LDAP Problem (Link)
Hi Guys,
i try to get my simple groupware installation connected with my openldap
server, which is running for our SLOX Server.
We want to authenticate the sgs with this existing ldap server, but only
our ldap root (uid=admin,dc=domain,dc=de) can login for now.
Everytime i try to login as another user in this ldap server, he cannot

Re: gallery massive import (Link)
Works as expected, files were not in correct place.

Dne úterý, 4. prosince 2012 14:19:49 UTC+1 jb napsal(a):

Re: [simple-groupware] Mounting CIFS Shares (Link)

you might try to disable smb signing on the win2003r2 server, see:


On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 7:52 AM, Sinjin Swanepoel

Mounting CIFS Shares (Link)
Hi all.
So after searching the web for a few days, trying to find little bits of
information to try and help me solve this problem, I am here(Though I think
I know what the solution will be).
Simple Groupware is running on CentOS 6 which is joined to the domain via
winbind(Squid NTLM authentication[against AD] is working beautifully)

gallery massive import (Link)
I am trying massive import into gallery with iOpus iMacro bellow but
image(file) is not uploaded. How can I trigger upload file in iMacro?
iMacro source:
CMDLINE !DATASOURCE c:\pictures.csv
'Number of columns in the CSV file. This must be accurate!