Simple Groupware Documentation


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  • Why Open Source?

    What is Open Source and why is it so popular?
  • Installation

    This section tells you how to do an installation of Simple Groupware.
  • Installation SyncML Server

    A small guide to set up the Funambol SyncML server and make it work together with Simple Groupware.
  • Update

    A small tutorial which describes how to update Simple Groupware to a newer version.
  • User Manual

    View the latest user manual online or download it as PDF.
  • Complete manual

    View the complete manual online or download it as PDF.
  • Content Management

    Simple Groupware includes the PmWiki content management engine. This tutorial explains how to create Homepages or Intranet portals with Simple Groupware.
  • Offline folder reading

    Offline folder reading allows you to view some folders inside the browser when being offline.
  • WebDAV server

    Installation guide and small technical description for the Simple Groupware WebDAV server.
  • SyncML integration

    A technical description which describes how SyncML works in Simple Groupware and how to integrate all kinds of mobile devices (Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry, Outlook, other mobile phones, etc.).
  • Simple Groupware Client / Desktop and mobile file synchronization (replaced by Offline sync)

    A small tutorial which describes the installation and the usage of the Simple Groupware Client. Also handling data with PDAs and Mobiles is described here.
  • Desktop Integration

    Learn how to integrate Simple Groupware into your desktop environment. Use it as your default mail client, integrate the bookmarks into Firefox, etc.
  • Data Handlers / Data Import

    A tiny tutorial to learn about data handlers and how to use them in Simple Groupware (e.g. iCalendar, IMAP, POP3, SMTP, RSS, LDAP, vCard, LDIF, CIFS, Firefox-Bookmarks).
  • Data Export and URL parameters

    Find out how to export data to common file formats used by other systems and programs (e.g. HTML, CSV, XML, RSS, iCalendar, vCard, LDIF). This is also the tutorial for all kinds of URL parameters supported by Simple Groupware.
  • Using modules and keyboard shortcuts

    Description about the usage of some special modules like Portal or Calendar and how to use keyboard shortcuts.
  • Press

    Read what the press is writing about Simple Groupware.



Learn more about the Administration of Simple Groupware (e.g. manage users/groups, caching control, backup/restore, system configuration, system monitoring, etc.).

  • Users / Groups

    Learn how to create users / groups and how to set folder rights.
  • Backup / Restore

    A small tutorial which describes an example procedure for taking backups and restore them later. Also handling deleted datasets with the trash folder is described.
  • System tasks

    Common administrative tasks like clearing caches or opening a console can be done with the System task page. Administrators can directly make inputs using the System Console, the SQL Console or the PHP Console.
  • System configuration

    Learn how to change the setup settings, e.g. add automatic mail footers, integrate virus scanners, send e-mail reminders, etc.
  • System monitoring

    Simple Groupware has a built-in monitoring system which takes care of system problems.
  • Folder templates

    Folder templates are used to automatically create folder structures for new users, new projects and new departments.
  • LDAP / Active Directory integration

    A small tutorial which describes how to integrate Simple Groupware into LDAP and Active Directory services


  • Roadmap

    Features planned for the next versions.
  • Changelog

    Changes made in the releases.
  • SOAP Server

    Learn about Simple Groupware remote procedure calls.
  • Customization

    A short tutorial about customizing the layout to your needs.
  • Customization FAQ

    Questions about customizing Simple Groupware.
  • Extension Manager

    Describes how to use the extension manager and create your own extensions.
  • Translation / localization

    If You want to translate or localize Simple Groupware for Your language, please read this small guide.
  • Speedup techniques

    Get a short summary of the techniques used to speed up Simple Groupware for both, the client and the server side.
  • sgsML tutorial

    This is a small tutorial to give an introduction into the world of sgsML. Starting with the ideas behind the language, the end illustrates the development of an address book with sgsML.
  • sgsML reference guide

    The reference guide describes all aspects of sgsML. Starting from tags and attributes to custom trigger functions, modifiers, formatters and validators.
  • Submit a patch

    Here you can submit a patch and make it available for everyone. See the archive.

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