Simple Groupware Changelog

Version 0.743 (February 2, 2012) (tb)

  • fixed a XSS vulnerability (thanks to Stefan Schurtz)
  • changed handling for offline folders
  • added some changes for iCalendar exports
  • added a fix for birthdays in sync4j

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.743.tar.gz dc8817051ced1b83ea7371d672ab1708
  • 839815418044cfbabdf6d6a0bd388cdf

Version 0.742 (January 24, 2012) (tb)

  • smaller bug fixes for PostgreSQL, iframes, select boxes

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.742.tar.gz fac8b099d2bf4c810496c48b77842f54
  • 0f50c4d77308d48b3cfb83627e8cbd01

Version 0.741 (January 15, 2012) (tb)

  • added absence to departments module (calendar view)
  • added browser detection for Firefox 10
  • smaller bug fixes

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.741.tar.gz f966fe6323172fe5bfa4329d94089438
  • 5a01f213a62cada8b5517233f408dd3b

Version 0.740 (January 8, 2012) (tb)

  • added archive function to IMAP module
  • added APC cache for faster caching and sessions (see setup settings)
  • added notification for unsaved forms
  • added cache and disk usage to admin overview page

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.740.tar.gz 4b5938178a875027dfb4909ed787c723
  • 7113e1bb11804ebeb6239b408f1c4dc6

Version 0.732 (December 28, 2011) (tb)

  • dropped custom date ranges for calendar module (markdate=custom)
  • fixed broken package (tar.gz)

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.732.tar.gz 569d6d965f32990441aa058176c11f40
  • 35955b506f73083ba881b14fbab5448f

Version 0.731 (December 22, 2011) (tb)

  • added absence to users module (calendar view)
  • added Portugal / Portuguese translation (thanks to Pedro Silva)
  • changed IMAP module to use seen states from IMAP server
  • fixed week numbers in calendars

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.731.tar.gz 9bdb0f180a1a14c3ee1f0b7bf25e1d01
  • 984a93c4d2b02aa1a5b8c763198c28d4

Version 0.730 (December 11, 2011) (tb)

  • added module for absences
  • added module for contracts (human resources)
  • added reverse lookup for members of contact groups
  • added disable_notification and disable_bgcolor to sgsML
  • changed status for timesheets and expenses: completed=0 && status=unconfirmed -> status=open completed=1 && status=unconfirmed -> status=completed
  • updated libraries to the latest version (PmWiki)
  • updated Czech translation (thanks to Jan Benda)
  • fixed sync4j warnings for new appointments

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.730.tar.gz ee7126446459bf44045aacc7d16604b3
  • f4d06279539ec065b1eae7427ef418e7

Version 0.727 (November 19, 2011) (tb)

  • fixed updating assets in merged folders
  • fixed moving meta information in CIFS and FS data handlers

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.727.tar.gz 28d2b821c388bed540a776c0ff656749
  • c9c12ce6da9a1719d5153ebb0b88f272

Version 0.726 (November 14, 2011) (tb)

  • fixed UID search and message-id for new mails in IMAP module

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.726.tar.gz 6659771e660d81ebdfbd39d728bbda64
  • 1cd6b1aaa5357c1d03bb5640fe702ffa

Version 0.725 (November 9, 2011) (tb)

  • added phone number field to companies module
  • added private fax number and homepage fields to contacts module
  • added missing icons for tree icons theme
  • added vertical mode and timestamp translation to SQL console
  • added a check for database time mismatch (sync4j)
  • updated Czech translation (thanks to Jan Benda)
  • updated Spanish translation (thanks to Nacho Pacheco)
  • optimized compatibility for PHP 5.4
  • fixed imap message caching
  • fixed auto loader for PHP 5.3.7/8

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.725.tar.gz 0d654979575ea1b124214724770de5cd
  • 7272249eff7bc39606d45340561f9b87

Version 0.724 (September 13, 2011) (tb)

  • added close button for preview panes when there are no tabs
  • fixed folder count caching for sys modules

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.724.tar.gz 70637f1f1c626b043402bf589e74d577
  • dbc7e68c5c768f0bc2df44c378c33790

Version 0.723 (September 10, 2011) (tb)

  • fixed checkboxes in list view

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.723.tar.gz 4322cb77eeea6ad2fea734ec43d4fc79
  • 647dd72a71716be4fe5d0753e6b1791c

Version 0.722 (September 10, 2011) (tb)

  • added new data handler for Google Docs (see mountpoint top menu Folder -> Mountpoint)
  • added preview for .url files (links)
  • added vertical preview pane for portal, calendar and files modules
  • updated Spanish translation (thanks to Nacho Pacheco)
  • fixed handling for NOMODSEQ in the IMAP module

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.722.tar.gz 64264acf57f718c7a76062106de62477
  • 76c4df0d962dd577feccb05e1e8773f2

Version 0.721 (July 31, 2011) (tb)

  • added new module for console scripts (see /Workspace/System/Console)
  • added customization bar for super administrators (between content and filter section on each page)
  • updated Italian translation (thanks to Federico Giampietro and Massimo Arnaudo)
  • added option to install extensions without internet connection
  • fixed changing customized fields

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.721.tar.gz bb6970370b8c288c5368f25e17a65dbd
  • e86bf14b22de71bcea9f213ef092d722

Version 0.720 (June 23, 2011) (tb)

  • added new module for customizing fields in other modules (see /Workspace/System/Customize/Fields)
  • added option to hide columns in HTML exports
  • added the option to skip subfolders on search
  • improved performance for counting assets
  • added holiday to timesheet categories
  • added a new view for canceled entries in the timesheet module
  • enabled custom functions for Simple Spreadsheet when running inside iframe
  • cleaned up htaccess rules for the WebDAV server
  • changed update for funambol contact items to ignore unmatched items
  • fixed summing up empty values in Simple Spreadsheet

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.720.tar.gz 1c517704ae248385d53edccba05f09c8
  • 96773222c107ebf68d73070af55c863d

Version 0.711 (April 20, 2011) (tb)

  • optimized performance for select::dbselect
  • fixed JS error in IE

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.711.tar.gz 94a27740299c8b52c7e03e60b55d7efd
  • a2b96629b0e171e48b643216298ac0ef

Version 0.710 (April 17, 2011) (tb)

  • added a new importer using spreadsheet files (.xls)
  • added quick create links to top menu bar (targets are personal home folders)
  • added a lightbox to the gallery module
  • added text wrapping to spreadsheet export (.xls)
  • adjusted some time limits

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.710.tar.gz 9ef159c6368e5ef735e317b4f02c80e1
  • c2e0cbe82e5c7edb19687fa5af75e913

Version 0.709 (March 24, 2011) (tb)

  • added buttons to run actions on multiple assets in timesheets
  • made invalid file extensions configurable (applies to uploads and downloads)
  • fixed edit view for single select boxes

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.709.tar.gz 7c8e14a608a98b10259f8a11c47c04a4
  • 2b621d8baf5ddf43949e6750fc0bff3d

Version 0.708 (March 8, 2011) (tb)

  • added rebuild search index for custom modules
  • fixed creating appointments with PostgreSQL

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.708.tar.gz 9c6f104597ebe0cf31368c686bd564ff
  • 604a596c42ef1b8247d83ce1723f5c6d

Version 0.707 (February 27, 2011) (tb)

  • added new "Save and Edit" button to new / edit as new views
  • added no_permissions parameter to select::dbselect (avoid check for folder and asset permissions) (e.g. <data function="dbselect|table1|id,val||id asc|10|no_permissions"/>)
  • fixed taking values from popups

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.707.tar.gz 57d088c1232d43bb63aff46b4924e42e
  • bc3f2cb82809ccbf636a8ff5103e3783

Version 0.707 (February 27, 2011) (tb)

  • added new "Save and Edit" button to new / edit as new views
  • added no_permissions parameter to select::dbselect (avoid check for folder and asset permissions) (e.g. <data function="dbselect|table1|id,val||id asc|10|no_permissions"/>)
  • fixed taking values from popups

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.707.tar.gz

Version 0.706 (February 22, 2011) (tb)

  • fixed missing entries in select boxes (new/edit forms)

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.706.tar.gz d9425a56ea7b3575951fbd3c16de68f8
  • daa848eb7b90379bee50b57f8d9ffbfb

Version 0.705 (February 21, 2011) (tb)

  • changed Italian hour format (submitted by Massimo Arnaudo)
  • added Finnish translation (thanks to Kurt Klippel)
  • updated Croatian translation (thanks to Dario Cikatic)
  • fixed a warning when creating departments in popup mode

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.705.tar.gz 2fe9ce824f47f22ffd9963e745654ea5
  • 0b05ed110ed454664f47103aa3f22aa5

Version 0.704 (February 15, 2011) (tb)

  • added new intranet module
  • added paging for lookups (new/edit forms)
  • added keyboard shortcuts for tabs (Alt+1,2,...)
  • added keyboard shortcuts for tree navigation (Alt + Cursor-Up/Down)
  • added new merge tab (named "+", merges all tabs)
  • redesigned notifications (cron.php)
  • updated Slovak translation (thanks to Jan Supuka)
  • fixed duplicate folders in WebDAV
  • fixed resetting display_errors in setup settings

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.704.tar.gz 1d5a0b4b8a826f52d817deec0dab938a
  • 6f5c4a06e497325b1168484238dfdd1b

Version 0.703 (February 5, 2011) (tb)

  • added Google code as mirror to updater
  • extended image preview with GPS link to Google Maps (EXIF data)
  • added "send now" option to IMAP and emails module
  • updated Archive_Tar library to the latest version
  • fixed payroll trigger
  • fixed float type in PostgreSQL

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.703.tar.gz e17ca4d490a043bdca46c57ce19177de
  • eec3b3d88ab15d5fab58dc55f14000a9

Version 0.702 (January 31, 2011) (tb)

  • added quick buttons to expenses and timesheets
  • added links from contacts to appointments, tasks and contact activities
  • added preview for first page of pdf files
  • added browser detection for Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • added option to hide fields in display/details view
  • added permissions link to admin overview page
  • added Simple Groupware File Importer script (see ext/import_local_fs.php.txt)
  • added user agent "curl" for crawling and executing functions
  • moved phpinclude module to example extension
  • fixed preview for multi-image files
  • fixed drag and drop upload with special characters in filenames

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.702.tar.gz ed5cc8b4871aa74eea53167c63b6e572
  • 7631f651e8920184d843949ab26b6ad5

Version 0.701 (January 10, 2011) (tb)

  • added conditions for "singlebuttons" in sgsML (e.g. <singlebutton condition="finished|eq|0" ...)
  • added option to show folder description text in content area (see setup settings)
  • moved small notifications to the menu bar

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.701.tar.gz 5890d468a06fa2cf2998d44f09f5d110
  • 34a93669f25484829863676c98fa2441

Version 0.700 (January 2, 2011) (tb)

  • dropped code and support for Oracle database
  • extended smarty to handle static member functions as modifiers e.g. {""|modify::get_form_token}
  • increased database requirements for PostgreSQL (at least 8.36)

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.700.tar.gz 985c4e8366efc6870c64371965dd318d
  • b8bf2f6d17e89f4221ba246f53236c30

Version 0.665 (December 29, 2010) (tb)

  • added option to fix paging bar to page bottom (see setup settings)

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.665.tar.gz 3cdc2c72bc32cb15e803ad9a9e147eec
  • 3c6d0dacb6f5215e8131a107e39cca27

Version 0.664 (December 27, 2010) (tb)

  • added option to add a second super administrator (see setup settings)
  • extended PmWiki markup to format fetched content

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.664.tar.gz 8005a826868804ceb226bb0d560e785f
  • aadcd191c98f80fb6150e49082905eb4

Version 0.663 (December 22, 2010) (tb)

  • added a rating field to bookmarks module
  • re-added validate::itemsexist
  • fixed escaping of quotes in IMAP passwords
  • fixed a typo in copy/paste code

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.663.tar.gz fdb09b8516fe201cbb088c87ec06477a
  • 9055b0a8505219fe87abe2e451bc9927

Version 0.662 (December 20, 2010) (tb)

  • added new simple type "rating"
  • added "reverse" attribute to "data" tag in sgsML
  • optimized cache distribution on file system
  • made folder refresh period configurable
  • fixed charset conversion in IMAP module (windows-x charsets)

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.662.tar.gz 20def14a948690d570d5d4cf9b2f0e4c
  • c5692f828fcaaa208f6f528613f38ff0

Version 0.661 (December 15, 2010) (tb)

  • added "form" attribute to "field" tag in sgsML (e.g. simple_type="textarea" form="no_formatting_button,no_template_bar")
  • changed file encoding of lib/browser/browser.php (problems with BOM header in PHP 5.2.x)
  • fixed charset conversion in IMAP module
  • fixed week start in calendar popup

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.661.tar.gz 78a5823b0c648218f9833734bf5064a8
  • 19a3496704b4ea872cc3c019bcf42c96

Version 0.660 (December 4, 2010) (tb)

  • fixed sending mails with bcc: syntax
  • fixed missing view tabs for view permissions

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.660.tar.gz 2d8ebf5a2e15fe80450bde955254fd42
  • 1898e60f164d0302fef83e8904feb425

Version 0.659 (November 28, 2010) (tb)

  • added a script for unattended update (see ext/update_unattended.php.txt)
  • fixed setup with PostgreSQL

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.659.tar.gz e85518580e4236f9a81497a3f5d377d3
  • f4d2da849c89c06d4cd9e3015b805e17

Version 0.658 (November 27, 2010) (tb)

  • added free/busy view for calendar locations (similar to free/busy for participants)
  • added copy/paste mappings with default values and lookups (copy mail to contact activities or helpdesk)
  • improved setup to set display_errors at runtime
  • fixed download locations in the extension manager

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.658.tar.gz 612055992366b114641c076ff2a48145
  • debd0397c18f2c62aa72bda57d5f9dbc

Version 0.657 (November 18, 2010) (tb)

  • increased BIFFwriter limit for spreadsheet export
  • added checksums (md5) to release informtion
  • fixed downloading attachments from the CMS module

Checksums (md5sum):

  • SimpleGroupware_0.657.tar.gz ad7159efac4542a92f58dcaf663bcfe3
  • 78883688e870d69ecbae27ec16132909

Version 0.656 (November 15, 2010) (tb)

  • added a flash-based MP3 Player to listen to .mp3 files
  • added a flash-based FLV Player to watch .flv files
  • added drap and drop upload for URLs (e.g. drag URL from files to emails module)
  • added default asset values for folders (with inheritance) Syntax: field=value\nfield2=value2
  • added default asset values to URLs (JSON encoding): index.php?folder=/Workspace/Tasks/&view=new&defaults={"subject":"Hello!"}
  • added new schema mappings to move mails from POP3/IMAP to the emails module
  • added quicklinks for folders: [/<folder-id>], e.g. [/2001]
  • added suhosin workaround for broken session_encode() function
  • fixed old update procedure
  • fixed option to use "cc:" and "bcc:" in notifications
  • fixed scrolling with Android

Version 0.655 (October 30, 2010) (tb)

  • added option to disable modules globally and re-enable for special users (see setup settings and account tab in users)
  • added self registration to login page (see setup settings)
  • added function to clear the trash folder (see administration overview)
  • added new minimal folder structure to setup
  • changed login background image
  • improved LDAP error handling
  • added option to open POP3 mails in an external mail client
  • fixed handling for unknown charsets in the IMAP module
  • fixed downloading files in merged folders

Version 0.654 (October 4, 2010) (tb)

  • cleanup Simple Spreadsheet config variables

Version 0.653 (October 1, 2010) (tb)

  • added a new filter operator (one of)
  • replaced Flexigrid with ExtJS grid (export)
  • added XSS protection to Simple Spreadsheet markup
  • fixed warnings in spreadsheet export

Version 0.652 (September 28, 2010) (tb)

Version 0.651 (September 25, 2010) (tb)

  • added missing ExtJS folder to the package
  • added include page directive to CMS module (e.g. (:include_page url="":) )
  • fixed copying mails from imap to emails module

Version 0.650 (September 24, 2010) (tb)

  • added drag and drop for assets and folders (not supported by Opera)
  • added ExtJS grid to the CMS module
  • updated Spanish translation (thanks to Juan Ramon Molina Menor)
  • changed spreadsheet export column names to displaynames
  • moved core/classes/surveys.xml to modules/lib/
  • renamed "nosql_" modules to "nodb_"
  • renamed "cust_name" attribute to "custom_name" in sgsML ("cust_name" will continue to work)
  • fixed resolving folder paths in SOAP

Version 0.645 (September 18, 2010) (tb)

  • added URL upload to Simple Spreadsheet and SOAP
  • renamed "multiple" attribute to "separator" in sgsML ("multiple" will continue to work)
  • changed default for "separator" attribute in sgsML (now: \n)
  • cleanup for Javascript variables
  • fixed output in codearea type handler
  • fixed custom directory for core.css, core_css.conf, functions.js

Version 0.644 (September 13, 2010) (tb)

  • added option to use "cc:" and "bcc:" in notifications
  • added new is_unique_trash attribute to sgsML
  • cleanup for "multiple" and "simple_size" attributes in sgsML
  • fixed downloads in CMS module

Version 0.643 (September 10, 2010) (tb)

  • raised PHP requirement to 5.2.0
  • added new survey module
  • replaced trigger_*_ccp with trigger_
  • in sgsML
  • changed "showonly" tag to view attribute in sgsML
  • changed "readonlyall" attribute to "readonly" in sgsML
  • added "hiddenin" attribute to sgsML
  • added "load_css" attribute to sgsML
  • added "no_checks" attribute to sgsML
  • added rounded borders (GUI) to Opera
  • added css gradients (GUI) to IE
  • extended XSS filter for IE (expressions and XML tags)

Version 0.642 (September 3, 2010) (tb)

  • extended updater to handle update methods from extensions
  • optimized error handling for initializing IMAP connections
  • fixed unicode names in the webdav server for davfs2
  • fixed uninstall of extensions

Version 0.641 (August 25, 2010) (tb)

  • added option to define differential sgsML schemas (see private_items extension)
  • added option to install without demo folders
  • changed Swedish date and time formats (thanks to Thomas Dilts)
  • disabled persistent connections for SQLite (error HY000 17 database schema has changed)
  • fixed department and project triggers

Version 0.640 (August 22, 2010) (tb)

  • added new extension manager
  • added new folder string syntax to view more than one folder: index.php?folder=/Workspace/Personal projects/*/Tasks
  • added option to create multiple folders (e.g. create /Workspace/Personal folders/*/New module)
  • changed default URI in SOAP server (Perl compatibility)
  • moved freebusy view to the preview pane
  • fixed deleting rows in Simple Spreadsheet (thanks to Hamidoullah)
  • moved win32 and debian binaries to an extension

Version 0.632 (August 7, 2010) (tb)

  • changed Ajax timeouts for paste and empty
  • fixed setup with PostgreSQL

Version 0.631 (August 4, 2010) (tb)

  • fixed an issue freezing search views

Version 0.630 (August 3, 2010) (tb)

  • added risks and milestone fields to the tasks module
  • added option to use relative dates and times to create/edit assets (e.g. next monday, last day in june, +3 weeks, +15 days)
  • added tooltips to the tree (folder descriptions and IDs)
  • added Google Apps authentication
  • added option to customize sgsML schemas for a special folder
  • moved docs/help.html to the CMS (pagename Help)
  • refactored code for custom types (htmlarea, wikiarea, pmwikiarea, etc.)
  • some smaller bugfixes
  • fixed WebDAV copy/paste in Win7 Explorer

Version 0.625 (July 2, 2010) (tb)

  • added quick add button (keyboard shortcut Alt(+Shift)+k) (can be disabled with <table disable_quick_add="true") (can be customized with <table quick_add="field1,field2")
  • added buttons to take over a task
  • added buttons to attend or don't attend an appointments
  • tree forms were cleaned up
  • fixed calendar layout (highlighting)

Version 0.624 (June 18, 2010) (tb)

  • added Google translator toolkit template (see lang/master_google_translate.lang.html)
  • fixed notice messages in setup

Version 0.623 (June 13, 2010) (tb)

  • added layout changes for the iPad
  • made portal items in user/project/department templates configurable (see modules/core/<type>_portal.xml)
  • added custom class handling to sgsML triggers (e.g. <table trigger_new="my_class::my_func"/> calls my_class::my_func)
  • added new folder syntax (reference anchors, module types) e.g. index.php?folder=^home_jdoe/!emails references the email subfolder of jdoe's home directory
  • adapted drag and drop file upload to Safari (currently supported by Firefox 3.6, Chrome5, Safari5)
  • changed syntax for triggers (dropped "runfunc:") e.g. trigger_new="exec" instead of trigger_new="runfunc:exec"

Version 0.622 (May 31, 2010) (tb)

  • added custom class handling to sgsML (e.g. <filter views="all" function="my_class::my_func"/> calls my_class::my_func)
  • added custom ajax class handling to sgsML (e.g. <singlebutton ... onclick="ajax('my_class_ajax::my_func', [tfolder, '@id@'], print_r);" />)
  • fixed broken import file in package (data_cms.xml)

Version 0.621 (May 28, 2010) (tb)

  • added option to open views in a new window with selected items (use Ctrl + click the tab)
  • added button to close tasks directly in the display view (syntax: <singlebutton name="..." right="write" onclick="asset_update({<field>:<value>},'@id@');"/>)
  • added option to use syslog instead of the events module
  • adapted drag and drop file upload to Chrome (currently supported by Firefox 3.6)
  • updated libraries to the latest version (PmWiki)

Version 0.620 (May 16, 2010) (tb)

  • added new custom directory structure (files under "<sgs-dir>/custom" are automatically used in favor of "<sgs-dir>/bin")
  • added categories to the files module
  • added support for unicode filename in POP3/IMAP attachments
  • added new regexp validator to sgsML (e.g. <validate function="regexp|/^[0-9]+$/|ID must be numeric"/>
  • updated Spanish translation (thanks to Juan Ramon Molina Menor)
  • fixed editing assets in merged folders

Version 0.611 (April 27, 2010) (tb)

  • added IMAP folder operations (create, delete, rename)
  • raised PHP requirement to 5.1.2
  • some smaller code changes

Version 0.610 (April 20, 2010) (tb)

  • added drag and drop file upload to HTML5 compatible browsers (currently supported by Firefox 3.6)
  • added a function to create contact IDs automatically
  • added new trigger to execute system commands (e.g. trigger_new="runfunc:exec:echo @fieldname@ >/tmp/example.txt")
  • added copy/paste mapping for emails and contact activities (message body)
  • changed Ajax request parameters (content-type)
  • fixed timesheet trigger

Version 0.607 (April 9, 2010) (tb)

  • added sgsML copy-paste mappings (see modules/mappings.txt)
  • added CSRF protection to forms
  • fixed server based IMAP sorting by date

Version 0.606 (March 21, 2010) (tb)

  • added default filters to sgsML e.g. <view name="display" filters="lastname|like|doe" (see Filters:
  • added option to hide the top menu or the tree automatically
  • added HTMLarea helper functions from paulzarucki
  • changed export to current view (not all assets)
  • updated Russian translation (thanks to Nikolay Parukhin)
  • updated library Spreadsheet_Excel_Writer
  • increased database requirements for MySQL (at least 5.0) and PostgreSQL (at least 8.2)

Version 0.605 (February 18, 2010) (tb)

  • added scrollbars to HTML preview popup
  • fixed missing include in PmWiki data handler
  • fixed an include error in cron.php
  • fixed saving spreadsheet data

Version 0.604 (February 15, 2010) (tb)

  • fixed invalid package

Version 0.603 (February 7, 2010) (tb)

  • added a new login background
  • fixed saving folder permissions
  • fixed charset warnings on PostgreSQL installation
  • fixed folder handlers (e.g. fs data handler)

Version 0.602 (February 2, 2010) (tb)

  • optimized compatibility to PHP 5.1
  • made timeouts for slow system, database and cms configurable
  • renamed core classes (moved to classes folder)
  • renamed function templates (moved to helper folder)
  • added null handling to store functions
  • fixed calendar week marks

Version 0.601 (January 29, 2010) (tb)

  • changed input length for maximum number of assets per page
  • fixed search including unicode characters

Version 0.600 (January 27, 2010) (tb)

  • added a new SOAP server (see http://<sgs-server>/<sgs-dir>/bin/soap.php)
  • added folder notifications
  • added a notification if a folder was changed by another user
  • added a warning to the setup if mb_string is missing
  • added some IE6 fixes
  • made maximum number of assets per page configurable
  • changed task dependencies to reference IDs
  • changed Ajax request parameters
  • improved compatibility with PHP 5.3
  • some smaller bugfixes

Version 0.541 (November 8, 2009) (tb)

  • updated Czech translation (thanks to Jan)
  • added short month names to the translation files
  • fixed week start for calendar popup
  • fixed search module

Version 0.540 (November 1, 2009) (tb)

  • added custom icon for folder in the tree
  • added the option to take value from popups
  • added automtic resizing for textareas
  • changed sgsML syntax for is_linked to:
    is now:
    <link value="index.php?find=asset|simple_contacts||contactid=@<field_name>@&view=details"/>
  • updated libraries to the latest version (PmWiki)
  • fixed a smarty error in the form template
  • fixed TinyMCE default text align

Version 0.533 (October 11, 2009) (tb)

  • added registry patch for Windows7 WebDAV
  • updated Brazil / Portuguese translation (thanks to Flávio Veras)
  • fixed Firefox search plugin

Version 0.532 (August 30, 2009) (tb)

  • added formatting rules documentation to text fields
  • added attachment field to the FAQ module
  • added cancel button to new/edit views
  • fixed calendar popup navigation
  • fixed layout in Opera

Version 0.531 (August 15, 2009) (tb)

  • adapted updater to new RSS feeds on Sourceforge
  • increased file upload limit in the CMS module
  • updated libraries to the latest version (Smarty, PmWiki, POP3, SMTP, PEAR,


Version 0.530 (August 10, 2009) (tb)

  • added a new mobile user interface (supporting iPhone and Nokia devices)
  • added permissions for views
  • added Indonesian translation (thanks to Bagus Winar)
  • added folder descriptions
  • added a new template to the CMS for using right-to-left layout
  • added compatibility for PostgreSQL 8.4
  • changed phonetic search to be optional
  • updated Arabic, Turkish translation

Version 0.520 (June 11, 2009) (tb)

  • added task list to projects module
  • added Arabic translation and new right-to-left theme (thanks to Muhammad Bashir Al-Noimi)
  • added custom timezones for users
  • added links to softphones (SIP) for phone numbers in contacts and users
  • added internal links to textwiki
  • added inline assets to XML folder templates
  • added compatibility for Funambol v7.1
  • expanded list of modules with groups
  • moved PmWiki system pages (PageNotFound, Search, etc.) to Workspace/Organization
  • updated Danish translation

Version 0.510 (April 12, 2009) (tb)

  • added Chinese translation (thanks to Wang Zhanjun)
  • added quicklinks to all texts: [<module>/<id>/<link-name>], e.g. [calendar/11/MyLink]
  • added quicklinks to all texts: [<id>], e.g. [11] (link to the same module)
  • added new URL find syntax: index.php?find=<module>|<id>, index.php?find=<id>
    index.php?find=calendar|11 (calendar item with id=11)
    index.php?find=calendar|subject=Meeting (calendar item with subject equal Meeting)
    index.php?find=calendar|subject~Meeting (calendar item with subject containing Meeting)
  • expanded POP3 module to view HTML mails
  • updated the jCIFS library to version 1.3.8
  • updated PmWiki engine to 2.2.1
  • updated links to RSS feeds
  • updated Imagemagick binary to the latest version
  • applied several smaller bugfixes

Version 0.503 (February 18, 2008) (tb)

  • added Graphviz markup to the CMS module
  • added folder copying
  • added custom home folder redirection for users
  • updated RSS output to RSS 2.0
  • updated PmWiki engine to 2.20
  • fixed downloading unicode filenames in IE
  • some smaller code optimizations

Version 0.502 (February 7, 2008) (tb)

  • expanded IMAP module to view HTML mails
  • added Polish translation (thanks to Przemyslaw Napierala)
  • added Ukrainian translation (thanks to SSSIE Ecocentre)
  • updated Italian translation (thanks to Stefano Ratti)
  • added higher memory_limit requirement for 64-bit systems
    (on 64-bit pointers and longs are twice as long as on 32-bit, see:
  • fixed a parse error in the PmWiki library

Version 0.501 (January 16, 2008) (tb)

  • some smaller bugfixes

Version 0.500 (January 6, 2008) (tb)

  • added a new module for offline synchronization with HTML5 compatible browsers (currently supported by Firefox3)
  • added a new module for rendering GraphViz diagrams (including win32 binaries)
  • added a XML sitemap to the CMS module (cms.php?sitemap)
  • added a patch for the spreadsheet export (
  • added some improvements to the database api
  • updated the Smarty library to the latest version

Version 0.430 (December 8, 2008) (tb)

  • added support for SQLite (3.0 and higher)
  • added Greek translation (thanks to Thomas Verikios)
  • added "jpeg" as a valid file extension for images (next to jpg)
  • added showing results with full texts to the SQL console
  • added XML headers to sgsML files
  • updated the jCIFS library to version 1.3.0 (now using NTLMv2)
  • updated PmWiki, Net_SMTP, Net_Socket, PEAR to the latest versions
  • updated binaries (Exiv2, Imagemagick) to the latest versions
  • changed validation for project and department names
  • changed cut-copy-paste functions to Ajax calls (better performance)
  • fixed a problem with the Oracle setup

Version 0.424 (October 14, 2008) (tb)

  • added Flexigrid for exporting data
  • added external links to HTML exports
  • fixed updating the search index when moving datasets

Version 0.423 (September 14, 2008) (tb)

  • updated the Smarty library to the latest version
  • added new events for slow pages in the cms
  • fixed setup for PostgreSQL 8.1.x

Version 0.422 (September 2, 2008) (tb)

  • fixed Javascript error in options pane

Version 0.421 (August 31, 2008) (tb)

  • added searching for items with special conditions (module, last modified, last modified by)
  • added new PmWiki markup to fetch content from web pages or RSS feeds
  • fixed MySQL setup for Funambol v7
  • fixed PostgreSQL warnings in the setup

Version 0.420 (August 15, 2008) (tb)

  • added a new Funambol interface (now supporting Funambol v7 with MySQL/PostgreSQL)
  • added a function for getting data from other Web pages into the CMS
  • updated Spanish translation (thanks to Carlos Zenteno)
  • fixed PmWiki page variables
  • fixed updating the search table when deleting events

Version 0.414 (July 7, 2008) (tb)

  • added real URLs to the CMS modules
  • added static caching for attachments in the CMS module
  • added compatibility for Apache 2.2.8 to in WebDAV's default .htaccess
  • added sorting for static values in sgsML (use <data values="" sort="asc|desc"...)
  • updated French and Italian translation (thanks to Laurent Bardi and Mario Moleri)
  • updated to PmWiki 2.2.0 beta 66
  • fixed default numeric default values in PostgreSQL
  • fixed localized date formatting
  • fixed view exception permissions

Version 0.413 (June 25, 2008) (tb)

  • added individual customizing for code changes and new files (see the custom/ directory)
  • added RSS feeds for the CMS module
  • added a summary field for notifications
  • added option to configure import folders

Version 0.412 (June 23, 2008) (tb)

  • added a new module for time sheets
  • added static caching for the CMS module
  • added multi user authentication to the CMS module
  • added a threads view to the forum module (applies to new assets)
  • added creating assets in different folders (if folder merging is active)
  • added exiv2 for parsing exif headers in images
  • updated debian binaries
  • fixed unescaping '@' with variables in mountpoint form
  • fixed folder operations in the CIFS module
  • fixed month translations in calendar headlines

Version 0.411 (June 14, 2008) (tb)

  • added preview function for PmWiki CMS module
  • added a frontend for the cms module (see cms.php)
  • added embedded mode for the Spreadsheet module
  • added resizing for Simple Spreadsheet in embedded mode
  • expanded the module list with the CMS module

Version 0.410 (June 7, 2008) (tb)

  • expanded the module list with the CMS module
  • updated French language file
  • added image and attachment fields to Htmldocs
  • fixed searching in data lookups
  • fixed change module in system/tree

Version 0.409 (June 3, 2008) (tb)

  • integrated PmWiki content management
  • added a new foundation package for Funambol SyncML server v6.5.14
  • changed document preview for html files
  • added debug parameter for cron job
  • removed register_globals=off requirement
  • fixed xml contacts parsing problem

Version 0.408 (May 18, 2008) (tb)

  • added default group for self registered users (users_self_registration)
  • added +/- buttons for select boxes with simple_size=1
  • added auto creation for the Trash folder when deleting messages in IMAP
  • added more colors for merging folders
  • changed the web file browser (admin tool) to handle utf-8
  • fixed missing translation for the generate password message
  • fixed copying mails with Cyrus IMAP

Version 0.407 (May 12, 2008) (tb)

  • added default group for self registered users (users_self_registration)
  • added +/- buttons for select boxes with simple_size=1
  • added auto creation for the Trash folder when deleting messages in IMAP
  • added more colors for merging folders
  • changed the web file browser (admin tool) to handle utf-8
  • fixed missing translation for the generate password message
  • fixed copying mails with Cyrus IMAP

Version 0.406 (April 24, 2008) (tb)

  • added Ajax refresh for fields in new/edit views
    (useful when creating new items in popup)
  • added the feature to sgsML to view a field in multiple tabs
  • added new code editor called CodePress
  • changed doubleclick to open the details/edit view
  • changed HTML export for "htmlarea" and "wikiarea" to show rendered HTML

Version 0.405 (April 14, 2008) (tb)

  • added doubleclick to open the edit view
  • added a workaround for using the chat module with IE7
  • made session name in cookie configurable
  • fixed version detection in setup for PHP5

Version 0.404 (April 6, 2008) (tb)

  • added a HTML export with vertical layout
  • added "last modified by" to HTML export
  • fixed renaming non-empty folders
  • fixed a problem with sorting in Cyrus imap

Version 0.403 (March 24, 2008) (tb)

  • re-added display_error requirement to setup
    (avoid problems with memory_limit and blank screens)
  • fixed import for Funambol syncML Server

Version 0.402 (March 17, 2008) (tb)

  • added the option to export data from the SQL console (using console.php?console=sql&no_gui&code=select ...)
  • added autocomplete to the SQL console for PostgreSQL
  • added compatibility for Firefox 3
  • added OpenSearch integration (replaced Firefox search plugin)
  • updated components (Smarty, TinyMCE, Net_SMTP, PEAR, ImageMagick)
  • fixed Ajax calls for PHP 5.1
  • fixed saving setup settings
  • fixed a memory leak in setup

Version 0.401 (March 12, 2008) (tb)

  • added new SQL console (including auto-complete for tables, columns and databases in MySQL)
  • added calendar view to projects module
  • added an example module for including custom PHP code (see core/functions_custom.php, schema_sys/phpinclude.xml)
  • added an option to hide tabs in sgsML (<view hide_tabs="tabname1|tabname2")

Version 0.400 (March 6, 2008) (tb)

  • added permanent folder merging
  • added Italian translation (thanks to Mario Moleri)
  • added Turkish translation (thanks to Ibrahim KIZMAZ)
  • added subfolder detection to the tree (hiding unneeded expand icons)
  • added compatibility for PostgreSQL 8.3.x
  • added compatibility for Funambol v6.5 SyncML server
  • added Polish translation to Simple Spreadsheet (thanks to Jan Stepien)
  • added custom categories to expenses
  • added footer with current date and time to calendar views
  • added a new AJAX framework for folder operations and lookups
  • changed select boxes to allow entries with duplicate keys
  • reduced include calls in PHP by using an auto loader
  • dropped display_error requirement in setup
  • updated the PHP/Java Bridge to 4.3.2
  • removed XML-RPC Testing Framework (replaced with new AJAX/JSON)
  • raised minimum PHP version to 5.1.0
  • optimized memory usage for backup / restore
  • fixed error handling for PHP 5 and the PHP/Java Bridge
  • fixed Wiki rendering with PHP 5
  • fixed exporting for Unicode characters

Version 0.321 (January 1, 2008) (tb)

  • fixed overtaking old numeric or boolean config settings in setup
  • fixed missing id in Simple Spreadsheet component
  • fixed missing id in Calendar component
  • fixed search plugin for Firefox

Version 0.320 (December 11, 2007) (tb)

  • added direct save for webdav files and folders (e.g. copy/paste folders and files with the windows explorer)
  • added shorter filenames for webdav (removed "_filedata")
  • added folder creation / renaming to webdav
  • added HTML and Excel folder summaries to webdav
  • added the option to "go back" after saving an asset (plus Firefox shortcut Alt-Shift-b / Alt-b)
  • added new fields to contacts (image, curriculum)
  • improved printing for calendar and Gantt views
  • added "print all" to the top menu (prints all assets in the current folder)
  • added Brazil / Portuguese translation for Simple Spreadsheet
  • added Slovak translation from Tomáš Štefunko
  • added Croatian translation from Dario Cikatic
  • added categories to the portal module
  • raised minimum browser versions for safari (>=1.3) and opera (>=8.5)
  • cleaned up styles
  • fixed IMAP sorting together with filters
  • fixed saving documents in WebDAV with MS Word

Version 0.311 (November 1, 2007) (tb)

  • added support for huge IMAP folders without server based sorting (e.g. Gmail IMAP)
  • added the Danish translation from Jens Chr. True
  • added an average function as progress summary for tasks
  • added a sum function as cost summary for expenses
  • added a duration field for tasks (automatically calculated)
  • added "firstname" and "lastname" (users) to "from" header in mails
  • added "name" field in mail identities to "from" header in mails
  • added name in smtp options to "from" header in mails
  • added "name" field to the CSV contacts module
  • added a limit for inline text bodies in mails (16k)
  • added the option to restore only missing items in the backup module
  • added a new module for user self registration
  • improved history function for HTML content (hide tags)
  • integrated TinyMCE HTML editor directly into new/edit forms
  • enabled tables and images in TinyMCE
  • updated components (TinyMCE, ImageMagick)
  • fixed creating portal items for all tasks of a user
  • fixed moving chat rooms to include chat archives
  • fixed WebDAV mod_rewrite rules for Apache 1.3.x
  • fixed a mapping problem for firstname/lastname in the ldif handler
  • fixed LDAP group synchronization for unicode group names

Version 0.310 (October 14, 2007) (tb)

  • added LDAP group synchronization (thanks to Laurent BARDI for providing the patch)
  • added Swedish translation from Lars Stavholm
  • added the option to refresh portal items after x seconds
  • added new fields for CSV contacts data handler (city, zipcode, state, country, department, birthday)
  • added a new data handler for LDIF contacts (LDAP Data Interchange Format for Thunderbird, Active Directory)
  • added buttons to resize textareas in forms
  • added use of the current username and password in mountpoints (use and in the mountpoint definition)
  • added new syntax to view assets from different folders: index.php?find=assets|table|limit|field=value
  • added the option to redirect to a predefined folder after login (use http://<your-server>/sgs/bin/index.php?folder=<folder-id>&view=display&logout)
  • added the option to use PHP functions directly in views instead of Smarty templates (see for more)
  • changed the default portal page for new users to show all tasks and appointments related to that user
  • changed the default portal page for new projects to show all tasks and files related to that project
  • splitted up functions.js, created functions_edit.js for edit/new forms
  • fixed SyncML export for contacts and appointments
  • fixed importing for huge CSV files
  • fixed ob_flush error handling in install_unattended.php.txt

Version 0.301 (August 30, 2007) (tb)

  • added a project field to the files module
  • changed $_ENV to getenv() for better compatibility (php.ini: variables_order is recommended to be "GPCS")
  • fixed a problem with a missing anchor value in mountpoints
  • fixed a problem with the Oracle setup

Version 0.300 (August 23, 2007) (tb)

  • added error messages for unperformed actions due to missing asset permissions
  • added the option to update from a package file in the local filesystem
  • moved folder operations to top menu (move/cut/paste/delete/rights)
  • changed text conversion for HTML-only mails
  • fixed creating SyncML contacts if no lastname is given
  • fixed setting seen status in the imap module
  • fixed a problem with basic authentication and downloading files

Version 0.299 (August 10, 2007) (tb)

  • added an expenses module
  • added a checkbox for folder categories to select all items
  • added auto detection for server-based sorting in the IMAP module
  • added 15 minute IP blocking if password entered 4 times wrong within 30 minutes
  • updated xpdf binaries
  • fixed missing cache directory in simple spreadsheet
  • fixed update problem with missing config parameters

Version 0.298 (July 27, 2007) (tb)

  • added WebDAV server (list folder contents / edit files)
  • added option to require admin rights to set mountpoints
  • added option to archive deleted files (activated by default)
  • added option to use the mail() function instead of SMTP
  • added collapsing for assets with many files
  • added lookup butons for non-overloaded select boxes
  • added Debian binaries for document preview
  • added compatibility for IIS
  • added pure PHP implementation for the PHP/Java Bridge (no need for the binary extension in PHP 5.2+)
  • changed asset background color to the button column (in the display view)
  • updated the libraries to the latest versions
  • changed the exif reader to ImageMagick identify (better performance)
  • removed a debug statement which stopped deleting multiple assets
  • fixed a problem with unicode folder names in IMAP
  • fixed strtotime handling for dates before 1970
  • fixed quoting for template lookups
  • fixed Outlook CSV data handler with empty "last name" column
  • fixed an error message when creating categories, statuses
  • fixed a problem with Antialias not being compiled into GD
  • fixed a problem with Denial of Service (DoS) protection (workaround for touch() bug in PHP 5.x #41786)

Version 0.297 (July 7, 2007) (tb)

  • added server based sorting and searching to the IMAP module (better performance for big folders)
  • added webkit border radius styles
  • moved history view to button bar (upper right corner)
  • changed the chart library to Artichow
  • fixed a problem with the touch() function in PHP 5.x (#41786)
  • fixed a problem with broken mail structures in the IMAP module

Version 0.296 (June 24, 2007) (tb)

  • added support for synchronization with Funambol v6 (experimental)
  • added a new update tool
  • added '@' as valid character for usernames, groupnames, contact-ids and identity-ids
  • fixed a IMAP problem receiving headers from Dovecot

Version 0.295 (June 19, 2007) (tb)

  • added some changes for Safari 3.0
  • added some fixes for the statistics module
  • fixed building https-urls for mail reminders
  • fixed creating LDAP users
  • fixed password change for users

Version 0.294 (June 11, 2007) (tb)

  • added a helpdesk module
  • added meta data handling and history for cifs and files module (fields status, description, color and notification can be used in these modules, being saved to .meta files)
  • optimized the IMAP handler for bigger folders
  • changed default calendar view for contacts/users to month, tasks to Gantt
  • fixed searching in data handlers (imap, pop3, etc.)
  • fixed simple_default_function tags in edit_as_new views
  • fixed a problem with function overloading from the mbstring library
  • fixed moving assets

Version 0.293 (May 18, 2007) (tb)

  • added a Gantt view for the calendar component (also used in tasks, contacts, users, etc.)
  • added a debian binary for the PHP/Java Bridge
  • added some changes for the Simple Groupware Client

Version 0.292 (May 14, 2007) (tb)

  • added document locking for checkin/checkout
  • added resizing for the content pane and the tree
  • added the option to upload files from a URL
  • added icons for the tree and a new theme to use the icons
  • changed database requirements to version 4.1 for MySQL
  • fixed clob handling for the Oracle database

Version 0.291 (April 30, 2007) (tb)

  • added integration with Skype to contacts and users
  • added "return receipt" function to email modules
  • added views for birthdays and anniversaries to users and contacts
  • added iCalendar attachment to appointment notifications
  • added searching and previewing MS-Office Open XML files
  • optimized mail format and timing for notifications
  • fixed problems with missing fields in copy/paste
  • fixed session states for composing mails
  • fixed yearly repeating events on leap years

Version 0.290 (April 20, 2007) (tb)

  • added e-mail reminders for calendar events, tasks, contact activities, password / account expirations, birthdays, anniversaries
  • added a script for unattended installation
  • updated components / libraries: Smarty, JpGraph, TinyMCE (added template plugin), EditArea, Net_SMTP, NetSocket, PEAR
  • updated win32 binaries: Xpdf, ImageMagick
  • optimized sgsML parser
  • fixed content pane in popup mode and Konqueror

Version 0.282 (April 5, 2007) (tb)

  • improved session handling to allow simultaneous logins for one user account
  • added Russian translation
  • added a height parameter to the portal module
  • fixed problem with setting values in type simple_select

Version 0.281 (March 22, 2007) (tb)

  • added NTLM authentication
  • added ID3 information to MP3 preview
  • added enable/disable to groups
  • reduced memory usage in the setup
  • changed upgrade process to include old setup settings automatically
  • changed unique check for categories and statuses
  • fixed SyncML remote delete id handling

Version 0.280 (February 21, 2007) (tb)

  • added notifications for all assets
  • added a preview pane to the user interface
  • added French and Hungarian translations
  • added code editor component EditArea
  • added a new data handler for accessing CIFS servers (Samba, Windows, NetApp, etc.)
  • added the option to show only subscribed folders in the IMAP module
  • added options to setup settings to allow debugging IMAP, POP3, SMTP
  • updated imagemagick binary for win32
  • updated components / libraries: Smarty, PEAR, TinyMCE
  • improved search functionality for lookups
  • code cleanup for the top menu
  • cleanup for contact activities
  • fixed a problem with exporting non-database datasets
  • fixed a problem with recalculating appointments in the setup
  • fixed a problem with renaming folders

Version 0.270 (January 29, 2007) (tb)

  • added support for syncing tasks over SyncML
  • added individual asset permissions to the files, forum and chat module

Version 0.261 (January 25, 2007) (tb)

  • added new icons for download, links
  • updated Brazil / Portuguese, Nederlands / Dutch translations
  • changed the way to retrieve IMAP folders to support bigger directory structures
  • fixed POP3 issues with bad content types and message/rfc822 parts
  • fixed a problem with the IMAP and SASL libraries (could cause a blank page in some PHP versions)

Version 0.260 (January 13, 2007) (tb)

  • added support for syncing notes over SyncML
  • added possibility to copy/paste assets with unique fields
  • added new admin function to rebuild the search index
  • added a diff-function to the history of text areas
  • changed syntax for finding assets from index.php?find=asset|table|field|value|limit to index.php?find=asset|table|limit|field1=value1|field2=value2
  • changed var_export() to serialize() for building the Smarty hash
  • changed default asset limit in sgsML from 1 to 20
  • moved processing time from page title to a comment
  • fixed a date problem in the Brazil / Portuguese language file
  • fixed a problem with setting folder permissions on non-database modules
  • fixed a problem with paging in Oracle
  • fixed a problem with mapping SyncML IDs and processing the sync changelog

tb = Thomas Bley

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